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Are you a proficient Classical, Orchestral or Theatre Organist?

Take your playing to the next level with tips & tricks, styles, arrangments, and demonstration performances from a seasoned veteran of the stage and organ industry, Ms. Rosemary Bailey.

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Rosemary (Rosie) Bailey has been performing at venues all over the world since the tender age of 9.


Events such as:

  • The American Theatre Organ Society (ATOS)

  • Chicago Theatre  

  • Loews Theatre, NJ

  • Rialto Square Joliet, IL  

  • Paramount Theatre Oakland, CA 

  • Chicago Symphony Orchestra

  • and hundreds more.


Rosie has also toured extensively for instrument manufacturers such as Hammond, Technics, Roland, Rodgers, Lowrey, and many more. We are proud to have such a well-traveled and experienced performer as part of our team.


 A veritable treasure trove of information, she is well educated in everything from arrangements, styling & registration for Classical, Jazz, Pop, Theatre & Orchestral music, to organ operation and tips for the brands she has represented.


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