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Performer Series
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The Performer Course Covers:

30 weeks of advanced-level instruction includes:

  • chords such as major 7ths, minor 7ths, & flat minors,

  • 3-finger chord shapes with the left hand,

  • beginner arrangments,

  • easy to play music you can perfrom for your friends and family.


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  • 30 Weekly Lessons

  • Weekly Tips & Tricks

  • Support Community

  • Artist of the Month Series

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Your Membership Plan Includes:

📅 Weekly Lessons
Get a new lesson online every week for 30 weeks to keep you moving forward.

👵👴 Community
You're never learning alone with our Community and Messaging.

✨Tips & Tricks

Weekly Tips & Tricks with Buttons & Tabs teach you to unlock the full potential of

your instrument & sound

like the pros.

Each is tailored to your level.

A message from Scott Kaapke, Founder

Your Membership
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Artist of the Month Series

Learn “Tricks of the Trade” with up-close camera footage of some of your favorite performers playing their arrangements.

All performances feature concert-quality sound with five camera angles, including an overhead view of the keyboards! Enjoy a new performer every month.

Artist of the Month Concert
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For Over 30 Years...


Our staff has taught classes and workshops for older adults at independent music schools, traveled the country for major instrument manufacturers, performed concerts for large and small audiences, and developed learning programs for the musically challenged.

With the struggles and isolation seniors faced, and are still facing, during the 2020/21 pandemic, we realized that there was a need for online courses for seniors that have:

  • the ability to connect with your instructor - even via live video, every day.

  • the ability to watch your weekly lesson as many times as you want.

  • message additional questions anytime and receive a quick response.

  • video lessons that show actual demonstrations of the lesson.

  • A community of peers to interact with that have the same hobby.

So we set out to create one.