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About the Start Right Course
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✔️Weekly Lessons

✔️ Community

✔️ Tips & Tricks

Learn 6 Songs in 6 Weeks!

Over 6 weeks you'll be taught the basics of playing a keyed instrument, right down to how to properly place your bench!

Enjoy 2 extra weeks of study time and access to member benefits, for a total of 8 weeks of membership. (A $100 Value!)


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  • 6 Weekly Lessons

  • 6 Weekly Tips & Tricks

  • Support Community

  • Artist of the Month Series


Your Membership Plan Includes:

📅 Weekly Lessons
Get a new lesson online every week for 6 weeks to keep you moving forward.

👵👴 Community
You're never learning alone with our Community and Messaging.

Tips & Tricks

Weekly Tips & Tricks with Buttons & Tabs teach you to unlock the full potential of

your instrument & sound like the pros.

Each is tailored to your level.

A message from Scott Kaapke, Founder